It is one of our goals to facilitate a sense of reciprocity between ourselves and other investigative teams.  We do this by not only sharing findings when we can, but also by listening, and promoting other groups whose methods we respect. Below is a list of links, a sort of special mention for groups supporting the same goal of keeping the lines of communication open.
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The first website dedicated to collecting accounts of activity as well as evidence from the RMS Queen Mary. This is a collaborative project bringing together investigative teams and individuals offering a forum for the collection of all things worthy of The Queen.

The Planet Paranormal Crew has done some amazing work on the Queen Mary.  Most recently, lead investigator Bob Davis has coordinated with the folks at the Queen Mary to make the ship investigator friendly. Check out the Planet Paranormal site for information on their investigations, captured evidence, and updates on their ever-expanding universe.

Airing for two hours every night at 10pm (GMT), White Noise Paranormal Radio, the UK’s number one paranormal radio show, brings members of the paranormal, scientific, skeptic, and spiritual community “on air” to talk about their work, their issues, and their latest developments with the paranormal community.

White Noise Paranormal Radio was the brainchild of two members of the Fabulously Haunted Board, authors Jason Day and Kelly McKenzie who, noticing a lack of unbiased presentation within the paranormal, spiritual, and scientific communities decided to provide an audio forum for all points of view to be aired.

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