Now, docked in Long Beach, California, she serves as a floating hotel and tourist destination, around which tales of haunt activity have lingered since she docked in 1969. The ship, often considered to be a portal for ghostly activity, has seen its share of tragedy. Many areas of the ship are rumored to be haunted. From reports of unseen children crying in what used to be the third class playroom, to mysterious sounds of splashing at the first class pool (now drained), The Mary continues to generate more than her fair share of ghostly reports.

    In 1966, 18 year old John Pedder (often referred to as an engineer, but listed on the ship’s death records as a fireman) was crushed by watertight door number 13 in the engine room, also known as shaft alley. Some believe that the  young man was trying to quickly retrieve one of his tools before the door  shut. Others believe he might have been  playing a game of “chicken”, trying to see how many times he could pass through the door before it closed. Either story leads to the same ending. Many people have reported seeing a young man wearing coveralls in this area. There are reports of people feeling as though they have been touched as well as reports of hearing a disembodied male voice.

    One day, whilst investigating the ship, Jamie decided to get back to shaft alley before the area closed for the evening with the intention of taking some pictures. She had her digital recorder running throughout her harried journey, and, while the photos yielded no anomalies, a voice was picked up on the recorder. You can hear her footsteps on the metal walkways. You can even hear her passing a family who was on their way out of the area (this accounts for the sound of a child’s voice). But, when she made it to door thirteen, she was, most definitely, alone; or so she thought. In the recording, you can hear a class “A” EVP. We will let you decide what you hear. Remember, there was no one else in the area at the time this voice was captured.



Another favorite ghost story from the Queen Mary is that of  “Jackie”. It is believed that she drowned in the second class pool. The second class pool has long since been removed, converted into a theatre, but she is often heard in the first class pool, and there have been reported sightings of both she, and another little girl, called “Sarah” throughout the ship. It is rumored that Sarah was murdered in the changing room of the first class pool by an unknown man (which makes me wonder, if he is “unknown” how do they know it was a man in the first place).

    Our team has done extensive research on the web in an effort to find concrete evidence regarding the deaths or even the existence of these children as passengers on the ship, but, as of yet, we have been unable to find any.  Several sources reveal the reason for this is a request from the families of the children for privacy.  As alluring as these ghost stories are, until we are able to substantiate them with hard evidence, in our minds, they will remain urban legends.

    This is not to say that we here at EVP do not believe the reports. We have had our own experiences with the children. Usually it is Jamie (and I still contend she is paranormal herself) who makes contact. One of the pieces of evidence that still leaves us scratching our heads is a picture of, what many believe to be Jackie’s ghost, which you can view here.  While we are unable to get confirmation that this is indeed the ghost of either Jackie or Sarah, we did show the picture to a few employees from the Queen Mary, and they confirmed that guests have described this same girl before.

     Bob Davis, from Planet Paranormal, has done extensive investigating on the Queen Mary, and has even held conversations with the ghost child. The two following recordings (technically not EVP’s because the voice could be heard at the time) were taken in the first class pool in the wee hours of the morning.  They were part of a seventeen minute conversation Bob held with “Jackie”, and the EVP’s were captured by fellow investigator, Brian Clune.  Be sure to check out Bob’s newest page, Queen Mary Shadows, for more evidence and information regarding his experiences.



    Other reports in the pool area are those of several different women. One is dressed in a 1930’s style bathing suit, while the other is wearing a bathing suit more in line with the 1960’s. Our team has not had any experience with these sightings.

    Below decks, at the extreme front end of the bow, sounds of men screaming along with the gnashing of metal against metal have been reported by employees. Those who have heard this believe it to be the screams of the sailors aboard the HMS Curacoa at the moment the light cruiser was split in half by the liner. Currently, investigators do not have access to this part of the ship as the ladder has been deemed unsafe for guests.

    These reports are just a few among many. From phantom smells, to voices, to full body apparitions, the RMS Queen Mary continues to display a variety of haunt activity both residual and intelligent.

   The Queen Mary is a veritable gold mine. The history alone is enough of a reason to visit. As a liner with a roster of influential figures ranging from numerous stars of Hollywood’s golden era, to heads of state, to royalty, the ship made more than 1000 transatlantic crossings before her retirement. She hosted glamourous parties, appeared in movies, and played an important role in world history as a transport ship for troops during World War II, her make-over during the war years earning her the nickname “Grey Ghost”. Beyond her history, she is an engineering marvel, and a shining example of the Art Deco aesthetic. (For more information on this beautiful ship, go here!)


Bob calls himself her “uncle” And she has a lot to say on the matter!

Bob Asks: “Are you ok?” And gets a response.

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