Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jamie. I am Case Manager and Lead Investigator for the E.V.P team. You might also find me leading chats on our Blog Talk Radio show, or, answering mail on one of our
social network pages. I have been interested in the paranormal since childhood. I shared an experience with my mother that involved the spirit of my grandmother and I have been a believer ever since.

    As I was growing up, I became aware of a “gift” or ability to sense certain things about people, places, objects, etc. I would call myself an “empath” or “sensitive”. I wasn’t always fond of these abilities, but, as I grew older, I learned to appreciate them. My goal within the group is the same as it is in life: to help those in need. I prefer to let the equipment guide the direction of our investigations, and use my impressions to back up evidence.

     I’m a Gemini, and, as my sign implies, I am often a balancer of the scales. I almost always see both sides of the situation and weigh the evidence carefully before making a decision.



As Team Leader and Investigator for E.V.P. you will often find me hard at work
combing through evidence and keeping the team on track. I have had an active interest in the paranormal for over 25 years. During that time I have had numerous experiences that have drawn me deeper and deeper into both the spirit world and my own spirituality. I strive to maintain balance in the world, and in helping others. Life is a journey to be enjoyed and celebrated with loved ones and friends. It is our goal with E.V.P. to gain knowledge and help aid and educate others about the paranormal field.
I became fascinated with the paranormal at a very young age. I recall having long talks with my dad about things like the soul, ESP, out of body experiences, and reincarnation. I don’t rememb
er exactly how we breeched the subject, but I am fairly certain that I asked him about it. Growing up, I was intrigued by the idea of ghosts, and the difference between a ghost and a spirit. I learned early on, that the world only had so much to offer on the subject, and realized I would either have to accept the answers given to me, or I would have to blaze my own path to find answers which extend beyond the intangibility of faith. Don’t get me wrong; I think faith is incredibly important. It motivates us. It keeps us out of trouble (sometimes). Faith challenges us to risk being wrong. And anything worth doing, or having, comes with risk.  But I need more. I suppose, my quest for studying the paranormal goes beyond ghost hunting. If there are truly ghosts (and, personally, I believe there are) then for me, they are a means to an end. I want to know why things like EVP’s are able to occur. I want to traverse the “veil” via science. I want to see if I can redefine the connotation of what society believes “paranormal” to be. I am not interested in what is wrong and what is right, rather, I am interested in, simply, what is.

East Valley Paranormal is committed to helping both our clients and the community by offering reliable paranormal investigative services that adhere to the highest standards, and are free of charge. Our passion is exploring those occurrences not widely understood or easily explained, but our goal is helping those in need. We are not only paranormal investigators, but lovers of history, and therefore, we hold the preservation of history and property in the highest regard. We work carefully in every situation, and make it  our goal to leave a location undisturbed by our presence there. We strive to remain objective in all cases, using equipment to measure activity, leaving personal experiences out of the realm of evidence unless they can be reinforced by measurable findings. We hope to serve all of those who question unexplainable occurrences in their home or work-place. Cases involving children or the feeling of immediate threat are top priority, and these will be scheduled first.

We would like others to view our organization as a safe, credible, place to turn to when they are in need . Cases will be handled privately and discreetly. Clients will be given a copy of any evidence discovered, and none of the case specifics will be shared without the client’s consent.

For our latest findings and musings, check out our BLOG!http://www.eastvalleyparanormal.wordpress.comshapeimage_1_link_0
For our latest findings and musings, check out our BLOG!http://www.eastvalleyparanormal.wordpress.comshapeimage_2_link_0