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Here is the EVP evidence we picked up from our very first official Queen Mary Investigation!  Keep in mind, there were SEVENTEEN investigators in the group that night. We didn’t really seem to pick much up until we hit the pool area, a place where a little girl by the name of Jackie is often heard playing. Now, you might be wondering how the HELL you delineate an EVP amidst the subtle din of seventeen people. Believe me, it isn’t easy. A lot of evidence was discarded because there were times we couldn’t be sure if it was someone in the group. However, we all went home with a fairly good idea of what those present sounded like. Still, with that many people in a group, hopes were low with regards to what would turn up on “tape.” Our best bet was to capture the voice of Jackie, which, for most people is quite distinct. We knew, at the very least one of our recorders had captured her at the end of the night. This voice was heard by James at the time it was captured, and, upon playing it back, the voice appeared on multiple recorders. Here is the sound that gave the task of evidence review a shot of hope:

As I said in the case notes, this event occurred late in the evening, about five minutes before we were supposed to pack up and leave. We were tired, and had pretty much given up on our vigilant listening as evidenced by all the talking before and after the scream. (Yes. The sound of a child’s playful scream is what you were listening for. No. We did not bring along a six year old in order to fool you.) Oh! And the “Star Tours” type chime is the sound of Chris powering down the full spectrum camera. Normally, it is a bad thing when you turn off your recorder BEFORE the main event. However, in this case, it provided a clear marker, making the scream easy to locate for real-time playback. Also, Brian was down on the first level with another recorder on which we captured the sound. Yay for two recorders.

When we reviewed the evidence, we found that Jackie had indeed been with us the entire time we were in the pool area. Her voice could be heard distant, but still recognizable, throughout the recordings, often lacing itself through our talking. In this next clip, you will hear me sounding tres intellectual (don’t know what I was smokin’) “I believe that we are just as curious to them as they are to us.” Overlapping that, you will hear Cornelia calling out to Jackie and Sarah. “Come on girls, come play.....” She then pauses, and in that pause is where you want to listen. (You might want to break out your headphones) She then continues. “We’re only going to be here for so long...”

This next clip was captured while Jamie, Chris, and I (Heather) were literally sitting on the lower floor staring at a ball. Mind numbing task in the name of science. We wanted to see if one of the girls could get it to move. The ball didn’t move, but audio was captured on the full spectrum camera that we were using to record the session. In the background, you can hear male voices. Those were from live people, I promise. You can also hear me (Heather) humming at the end of the clip. Don’t ask me why I was humming. It’s of the worst things you can randomly do when taking audio recording. You hum, and one of your team reviews the evidence and they tag it as an evp. But you try staring at a ball for an hour and see what sorts of things YOU do without thinking. Anyway, to be honest, we were more concerned with the video at this point since Jamie had been pushed when she bent over to set the ball on the floor. (Still makes me giggle. I’m so going to be punished one of these days.) What you want to listen for is Jackie. She yells in the background just before I hum my merry little tune.

Once again, the star of the show, I give you the often adorable, and fearlessly petulant, Jackie!

Finally, we have a rather long clip to offer. This will either frustrate the hell out of you, or amaze you. The first time I listened to this section of audio, I tagged it because I heard Jackie in the background. It isn’t easy to hear her at first. There is a steady din from the investigators, most of which were gathered at one end of the pool, on the bottom floor. This clip was captured, once again, with the full spectrum camera which was of particular use to us this time because we were able to account for everyone’s whereabouts when reviewing the footage. The interesting thing about this one, is that beneath the sound of the group’s voices, Jackie is speaking, but this time she is actually engaged in conversation with a male voice. The male voice gets louder and more distinct the more I listen to the clip. My ears begin to pick him out. The first clip is the original full-length version. For me, and it might be because I am so accustomed to her voice, I can hear Jackie blabbering in the background first. Then the male joins in.

I know. I know. There is a lot going on there. That is why we have divided the large clip into several smaller ones. The following clip is the first part of the one you just listened to. This is the part that grabbed my attention. It’s Jackie again. What she says is difficult to ascertain, but towards the end she sounds as though she may be asking a question. Her inflection rises. Also, the male voice can be heard at the very end of the clip.

Next, we isolated the rest of that male voice. For me, he is pretty loud, and I can understand what he is saying. But I have played this clip for others and they have not had the same ease when listening to it.

Lastly, we isolated a section towards the end of the clip. Again, this is the male speaking, and I can understand what he is saying. If your ears tune into someone sort of singing Jackie’s name, fear not. It is one of our group members. Also, if you are wondering if the clip begins with the same male voice, the answer is yes. We don’t know what he was saying at that point though.

We hear: “Are you okay, Jackie?”

We hear: “Come on, Jackie!”

There have been many reports of other voices calling out Jackie’s name.  The thing I find striking about this clip is that it actually sounds like the man is trying to wrangle her for us. They sound distant. The echo on their voices matches each other, but it doesn’t match the echo of those of us who were present. Again, this clip was captured on both of our recorders, however the full spectrum audio was louder. Brian was downstairs with the digital recorder. Chris was upstairs with the full spectrum. We don’t know where they were, but, I have a feeling they were very aware of our presence in the pool that night.

I thought long and hard on how I wanted to present this evidence to you. I wanted to give you the most unbiased listening experience possible, letting you decide for yourself what was and what wasn’t audible in each clip. The problem is, however, that you weren’t there. You don’t know who the investigators were or what they sounded like. You don’t know where the recorder was located or how the night unfolded. When I listen to random evp clips on the internet, they generally come with little explanation save for a quote underneath telling the listener what to listen for.  One of the first things you learn with regards to evidence is not to influence the listener by telling them what you think the voice in the evp might be saying. I realized when I started putting this page together that, sometimes, there is just no way around it. While some clips were fairly straight-forward, others needed that explanation because there was a lot going on at the time of the capture. I tried to be mindful of both sides of the equation. Hopefully, I have succeeded.

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