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Oh man. We got some good stuff this time around. Again, the first class pool trumps the other locations for evp’s; however, the night started positively when the group heard Jackie call out in the boiler room. Below are two separate samples of the event which was captured on both the full spectrum camera, and the digital recorder. These are pretty self explanatory.

We didn’t stay long in the boiler room. We were anxious to get to the exhibit hall. On our way there, we hit the engine room, otherwise known as Shaft alley, or Water-tight door 13. Whatever you call it, John is generally the one associated with the activity here, although, like the rest of the spirits on the ship, he can be found anywhere. We only caught one little piece of evidence during our brief stop there. It was a piece of audio captured on the camcorder.

For those of you unfamiliar with this area, Brian was actually standing a few feet away from Door 13, the fabled door where John Peddar (amongst others) was killed. Brian’s back was to the door. The voice is male, and it happens quick, but it sounds like it is saying “Need this thing.”  

To view the K2 session we had in the Royal Theatre during which we captured these evp’s,  click on the picture of the K2 meter on the investigation main page, or, to view it now, click here!  The next stop is the pool, and, as always, it did not disappoint. Sarah followed us there, and Grumpy made himself known as well.

I thought long and hard on how I wanted to present this evidence to you. I wanted to give you the most unbiased listening experience possible, letting you decide for yourself what was and what wasn’t audible in each clip. The problem is, however, that you weren’t there. You don’t know who the investigators were or what they sounded like. You don’t know where the recorder was located or how the night unfolded. When I listen to random evp clips on the internet, they generally come with little explanation save for a quote underneath telling the listener what to listen for.  One of the first things you learn with regards to evidence is not to influence the listener by telling them what you think the voice in the evp might be saying. Sometimes, there is just no way around it. While some clips were fairly straight-forward, others needed that explanation because there was a lot going on at the time of the capture. I tried to be mindful of both sides of the equation. Hopefully, I have succeeded.

Some of you might have caught a heavy breath after Jackie calls out, and some whispering close to the microphone later in the clip. It isn’t paranormal. It’s me. That kid’s voice does something to me. Every time I hear her I get all choked up. It’s nuts!

Aside from a very loud pump kicking on, things were pretty quiet in shaft alley. We asked a lot of questions, but received no answers, so we decided to move on to the Propeller Box and the Exhibit Hall.  That’s when the fun began.  The girls are often heard playing in this area of the ship. And the propeller box has always been one of my favorite places. There is just something cool about walking outside the ship and looking down on that massive propeller.

In that clip you likely heard Bob ask a question, to which it sounds like he gets some sort of response. Though I cannot tell what the voice says, I feel comfortable in labeling the voice male.

We were quickly drawn into the Exhibit hall. Jamie was anxious to return to the place where she had captured the “Party in the Mirror” picture. It wasn’t long before both she and guest investigator Bob from Planet Paranormal heard the girls playing. This set the pattern for the rest of the night. Usually, it is Jackie who is vocal, and, at times, down-right boisterous. But on this night, it was Sarah who decided to accompany us on our tour. 

The sequence of events started out with a brief “woo,” which was unheard by Jamie as she left the propeller box, and continued with the sounds of small girls playing. She and Bob could hear both the girls. At the time, they were fairly loud. However, what we captured was faint in comparison (as is often the case with disembodied voices. For some reason, they often come out softer than they seemed at the time they were heard). Hopefully you can hear some of what they heard in the sequence of clips below.

From the exhibit hall, we leapt at the chance to investigate what used to be the second class pool, now known as The Royal Theatre. Below are a couple of pictures of the area when it was still a pool. The black and white is from 1967 just before it was ripped out and converted into a theater.

Now, all of these are pretty faint. We can’t tell what they are saying with any certainty. Guesses would be based on the sort of reasoning one would use behind communication with R2-D2 or...Flipper. Clicks and whistles don’t say much unless you are speaking to another droid or dolphin. Once you figure out that no matter how loud you make the clip, you will only be able to guess at what is said, try turning it down. I often find that I am better able to hear an anomalous sound with the volume lower. It cuts the white-noise, and lets you hear any possible inflection or tone in the voice.

You will hear me react to the voice in this clip. I ask “what?” not realizing that no one in our group is talking.

Again, a voice can be heard. It’s faint and occurs just as Jamie asks “Where are you going?” The phone app we were running had just said the word “leaving.”

Personally, I think this is Sarah. Bob asks,”Is that a no?” And it seems we get a response.

Joe asks, “Do you think you can move the ball before we get up there?” And we get a very faint response. (Again, I think this is Sarah.)

The voice occurs right after the double click or creak.

“woo” Come on ghosts. There has to be something better to say.

I believe this is Sarah. I can guess at what she says, but I will let you decide on your own.

“Whiny” sounds like this were captured more than once in the Exhibit Hall. Similar sounds were also captured in the First Class Pool.

Very faint girl voice after a clicking noise that Jamie made when she walked. I don’t know what was clicking but it made listening for EVPs interesting!

This one is hard to hear, but you can hear Bob and Jamie react. The distant male voice is a living person. What you want to listen for is a little girl talking beneath Bob as he says “Girl...”

Though faint, this one is fairly clear. Bob calls out “Jackie? Sarah?” And gets a response which happens in conjunction with a gong. It’s Sarah saying: “Yes? We’re here.”

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