Full Spectrum Video

This next video was shot with the full spectrum camera towards the very end of the night. Most of us were drawn towards the end of the pool. Brian stayed on the stairs and continued to record. Focus on the right hand side of the pool towards the bottom of the screen. A small light travels along the pool wall just beneath the rail.

Is this paranormal? We don’t know. It is strange however. Jamie, Vici, and I (Heather) were on the opposite side of the pool watching Bob who you can see leaning on the rail. None of us noticed this light at the time. (And that’s not saying much given how tired we were. We were actually focused more on sounds at this point.) None of us had anything reflective. There were no flashlights or laser pointers. The light appears to actually travel ~on~ the wall. If it was a reflection, we can’t figure out what created it.

In this next clip, focus your attention once more on the right-hand side of the screen. A ball of light seems to float down toward the pool (This happens just below Joe who you can see leaning against the wall up there. Everybody wave, and say “Hi Joe!”). Before it finishes it’s appearance, the ball of light seems to jut right and then continue to drift downward.

Again, you ask, “is this paranormal?” Again we say “dunno.” But it is interesting. Sometimes, when shooting in low-light situations, light sources are re-created in duplicate. You can tell that this is caused by the way the light source interacts with the camera because the duplicates seem attached to the light that is creating them. There was no light source here. This light moves on it’s own path. So, perhaps it is dust, the culprit of so many photographic orbs. Had the light not suddenly picked up speed and faked right NFL style, I would have gladly dismissed it as pesky dust. Likewise, had it not drifted so lazily before its California highway lane-change, I would have gladly called it a bug. However, the mixture of movement makes me hesitant to say it is either.

Now...for this next one, I...I...well, we really can’t say. This was taken during an EVP session down in shaft alley  by water-tight door number thirteen which claimed the lives of two men. One of those men, a man by the name of John Pedder,  has been seen and heard repeatedly in this area. Brian is, once again, behind the camera. You can see Jamie pick up a K2 meter from the escalator stairs. Just as she bends over, something darts in front of the camera.

When I first saw this video, my immediate reaction was that it was Brian’s hand.  However, as we slowed the footage down, (we literally watched it frame by frame) there were some things that did not seem to add up. First, we made Brian swear he hadn’t swiped his hand in front of the lens, and according to him, he didn’t. Besides, in order to interfere with the camera’s sight, he would have had to purposely put his hand in front of the camera. 

During the frame by frame playback, we also noticed that at certain times during it’s movement, the anomaly fails to block out our view of Jamie and the handrails on the escalator. For argument’s sake, if this were a hand sweeping in front of the camera, could the lack of opacity be due to the speed at which the movement occurred? Could it be that because the recording is digital, some sort of memory lingers in the frame as the object passes through?

The last piece of information that we find interesting is that whatever passes in front of the camera, makes its own sound. It almost sounds like compressed air. Could hitting the microphone or a different part of the camera make that same noise?

The only way to find out for sure, was to try and recreate the movement. After several attempts at replicating the movement in both speed and distance, we are still stumped. When moving at the same speed, Brian’s hand either barely registers, or it does not show up at all. Yes, when moving at a high rate of speed, a hand or any blockage might appear not entirely opaque, however, Brian’s hand did not look anything like what we caught on the camera. Nor did it make the same or a similar noise.

I have included a shot of Brian taken during this session so that you can see where he was, and how he was holding the camera.

Mini DV