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    The Royal Theater offered us rather good luck with the K2 meter that night.  We started to get hits after only a few minutes of entering. Once we chose our spots and set up various equipment, we began asking questions. Several audio recorders, various EMF detectors, and still photos were employed during our time in this area of the ship, but it seemed the K2 was the device of choice in this instance. All the still photos came out clear as a bell, and no EVPs or disembodied voices were captured. We did, however, capture most of the K2 hits on the full spectrum camera. This was Brian’s first time using it. And aside from brief periods of drifting attention span which led to glimpses of the ceiling, he did a damn fine job. A word of caution: Don’t watch the video wearing headphones. Take it from the person who listened to it closely for EVPs, when Brian’s ring hits the camera, it is like a sonic boom in your ear.

    This first clip needs a bit of explaining. After all, it isn’t often you hear excitement over Christmas Lights during a K2 session. That night, Bob was testing some He had purchased an app for his phone called “Ghost Radar.” Jamie had me look at the app prior to this when she went app crazy after acquiring a new phone. I, of course, rolled my eyes because that is generally what I do.  It work’s sort of like a Frank’s box. The entity is supposed to be able to manipulate the phone to say words, while the radar on the screen pinpoints anomalous energies.  If you want to read the official explanation and THEN roll your eyes, go here. Of course, the second I saw what it was supposed to do, I scoffed, and moved on. “I am not paying for some app when I don’t even know how it works, JAMIE.”

    I have to admit that it was interesting to see the app in action when placed in the mix with all of our usual equipment.  That night, we were getting some interesting words on the thing, one of which was “Christmas.”  I think the app benefits us with EVP sessions more than the ghosts. Every time it spit out a word we would set about guessing what the reference was.

    “Christmas,” the little electronic voice says.

    “Christmas,” we all repeat, deep in thought.

    “Card,” the little electronic voice says.

    “Card,” we all repeat, looking to one another for some glimmer of understanding. “Card....Card....Christmas...Card...  Did you have a Christmas card you liked? Do you just like Christmas? We brought things for you to play with, Jackie. There’s a baaaalll...and some craaayooons? That’s like Christmas!” 

    Oh eager little ghost hunters, think harder.

    You know, if I were a ghost, and I could make the box speak, I would make it say all sorts of crazy words just to watch the people asking the questions scramble for answers. Then again, I’m mean like that. I’m sure none of you out there are mean like me.

    Anyway, during our intense pondering, the lights are flashing, all the colors dancing and flickering though none of it seemed to definitively respond to any of our questions. Finally, the phone spits out the word “lights” and guest investigator Maggie says something that makes total sense! “The lights on the meter look like Christmas lights.” Now, I don’t know if this made sense to the entity that was causing all of the action, but it made TOTAL sense to us. Thus, the K2 meter is now called Christmas lights regardless of whether or not Jackie and Sarah are around. In fact...I think I am going to add that to the terminology. This is important stuff!

   This next clip is a long one, so hopefully it will download alright for you all. This is the same K2/evp session.  Again, we see a lot of Christmas lights, but I can’t definitively say we get actual answers. There are some points where it does seem as though the lights answer our questions, but because it does not happen consistently from beginning to end, we don’t see it as dependable. 

   Finally, we have the last segment (and longest clip) from the same session. Again, though the lights at times tend to blink as if in response to our questions, the lack of consistency makes the timing dubious.

    As you can see, the room offered a lot of activity. The girls were heard just outside giggling before we entered the room. We tested the equipment against the other equipment to make sure there was no interference. The activity was random, and the K2 meter located just a few feet away was not effected until it was set near the first. We took readings of the room prior to settling, and the emf was flat.  At this time, we have no explanation for why the K2 was so active.