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By the end of last year, we were all tired. And the beginning of this year kicked our collective asses. But these last few months have rejuvenated us.  Not only have we frequently visited the ship, but we have had some amazing experiences. Those visits lit a fire beneath me to share last year’s long overdue catches with you! One thing I have learned is that waiting to post the results of an investigation has both pros and cons.

Con: It is harder to remember the details; especially when there are two investigations so close together. Luckily, we document things really well, so triggering the memories is easier.

Pro: Analyzing the audio twice brings more captures! I found some interesting stuff the second time around that I missed the first time. The following audio is from the December 9th investigation. It was recorded at the first stop of the night: the First Class Pool.

All the usual suspects were there, though Jackie was much more quiet than usual. On this night it seemed two of our favorites were quite willing not only to hang out with us, but to answer our questions.

While Sarah was not shy about talking to us throughout the evening, it was William Stark who was the most vocal. Dubbed Grumpy by Bob, he used this investigation to make one thing quite clear: He has no intention of harming the girls or keeping them from playing with us. As the session in the pool unfolded, we had the feeling that “Grumpy” was not at all happy about being perceived as someone who would harm Jackie or Sarah. And this time, he wanted us to know for sure.

We had three recorders stationed at three different locations within the pool area. Some of the voices were captured on multiple recorders. I have included them here with a diagram to show you where each voice was captured.

We find these captures incredibly exciting. It is always a thrill when you get a direct answer to a question. But it is even more thrilling when you get direct answers that confirm other direct answers. It is captures like these that give us insight into the personalities and motivations of the spirits we are dealing with. This sequence shows “Grumpy’s” growing frustration with our misinterpretation of his intentions.  Our team had suspected for a while that William Stark and Grumpy were the same person. But, at this time, we didn’t know how he felt about the girls. Did they annoy him?

We have discovered over this last year that Stark is actually very protective over the girls. As for what they need protection from, that’s an entirely different story; one better saved for future posts. Although these clips highlight Bob’s interaction, there was a time when we all wondered if the spirit we called “Grumpy” was constantly giving the girls a hard time. But a combination of investigators who truly want to get to know their subjects, and spirits who truly wish to be understood have revealed some wonderful facets to the activity on the ship.

Our team considers William Stark a friend now. We look forward to seeing him, and we get the feeling that he looks forward to seeing us. He has outgrown his nickname. Over our many interactions with him, we have discovered his former moniker does not fit him. He isn’t a jerk. He is just frustrated.

As you can see, the more evidence we capture, the more questions we have to ask. Right now, we have more male voices than we have identities to pair them with. Who are all of these people? Why does Sarah’s voice change so drastically when captured on three different audio recorders? How many people were actually with us in the pool that night?

EVP’s always take the longest. But here they are...finally. Well, here SOME of them are. You know the routine! Break out the earbuds or the headphones and plop down at your desk or on the couch. Breathe deep. Get into the zone. And if you are a scaredy cat, listen before it gets dark out!

In that clip, Bob Davis of Planet Paranormal is the one asking if somebody just said “Sarah.” While our recorders didn’t pick up the “Sarah” he thought he heard, they did pick up Sarah trying to help him out in his confusion. If you focus on the segment between the two male voices, you can hear a female respond “I’m Sarah.” We have found that Sarah can be a bit of a “Captain Obvious” when answering our questions. On our most recent night investigation, Jamie asked “Who’s in the pool with us Sarah?” And she answered “Jamie.”

Although we are all chatting away, when Bob goes looking for “Grumpy,” you can clearly hear a loudly whispered “Yes” in response to his question.

Because the girls seemed so quiet, it was natural for Bob to assume that someone was keeping them at bay. Once again we captured a direct response to Bob’s question, and though it was softer, we feel confident that it is the same voice we captured in the previous clip.

Finally, “Grumpy” got fed up with being accused and he decided to take action. Every time Bob called him “Grumpy,” he would get hit in the back. Interestingly, in this clip, before the loud “No,” there is a much softer “no.” I believe that is Sarah.

Here we have an unidentified male. It sounds like he is saying: “...just recording them.”

This one sounds like two whispering males. One makes a statement or asks a question. The other answers. Though I can’t be sure, the drawn out “Noo” sounds like the answers that Stark gave Bob.

This is another male voice. Sounds like he is saying “Come back here,” or “I’m back here.”

Every once in a while we capture an EVP that sounds like two voices overlapping each-other.  That seems to be the case with this one. There is a lilting young female voice beneath what sounds like an older female voice. It sounds like the older female says: “He won’t survive.”

This one makes me giggle. Just as Bob calls out, “Sarah” a low male voice mutters “I’m getting to old for this.” It happens quick. You gotta be on your toes to hear it!

Unidentified female. Sounds like: “I think it’s me.”

Unidentified male. Sounds like: “You’re scaring them away.”

Young female. Sounds like: “A man!”

Unidentified female child giggle.

Unidentified male. Sounds like: “Peter, are you there?”

Tuesday asks “Can you see me?” And we capture a response. “Uhhuh. Yes.” It sounds like two different voices responding.

Unidentified female. Sounds like: “It’s next to me, isn’t it?”

Unidentified male. Sounds like: “Stop being cranky.”

This is a young female (possibly but not positively Sarah) calling Jackie’s name. When listening without headphones, it is easy to mistake the voice for a loud male whisper. But with headphones or earbuds, the child-like tone can be heard.

Here we have another, seemingly different, female calling for Jackie. Could it be Sarah? Possibly; even though it sounds much older than the previous one. Sarah’s voice sounds different depending on where she is in relation to the recording device. To me, this sounds more like Sarah that the other one.

Unidentified female. Sounds like: “Could you help me?”

Unidentified female. Sounds like: “Some work here.”

Unidentified male.  Sounds like: “I see you.”

Here, Bob was still looking for the girls. After his question, “Where are you hiding,” there is space filled with some shuffling and one of us muttering. But just at the end of the clip, Sarah answers Bob. “I’m not.” It’s easier to hear with headphones or earbuds. If you find you have trouble, play with the volume. Try turning it down.

The question “Can you come over and sit by me please” is asked by Tuesday. The response captured is: “It’s a battleship. Again, headphones or earbuds and listening at a lower volume will make it easier to hear.

From the familiar to the not so much. There were many people in the pool with us that night. The following clips are a sampling of what we captured. All of them, with the exception of the ones that call out Jackie’s name, were only captured on one recorder.

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