It was nearly Christmas, and the EVP team was on on Santa’s list as we were granted two investigations in the month of December. On December 8th we were lucky enough to accompany Planet Paranormal and several other guest investigators on an investigation. Then, on December 18th, EVP hosted our much anticipated “As Close to Christmas as it’s Gonna Get” investigation.  A lot more planning went into this than usual. Both times the groups were large, but they were comprised of a collection of people all of whom we had worked with on multiple occasions. We were all focused on the same goals, and knew how to work with each-other in order to obtain the best results.

The goal for EVP’s investigation (Dec 18) was to bring Christmas to the ship (especially to Jackie and Sarah.) Since activity on the ship seems to get stronger around this time, we thought that creating a party-like atmosphere would really get the girls talking. We brought in a bunch of different things aimed at attracting Jackie and Sarah’s attention. We brought along battery powered Christmas lights, presents, and games. 

I should probably take a moment to get into specifics for those of you who skidded to a stop after reading that last sentence. Presents? Games? How the hell do you manage that? According to an evp we captured several months prior, Sarah (at least that’s who we think it is) told us her favorite color is lavender. So, for Sarah, we got a ring with a lavender rose on it. There was candy for Jackie. (She seems to be quite attracted to the stuff, although I don’t know how it works the whole lacking a body thing) After some debate, Jamie ended up bringing along this baby doll that is activated via motion censor. When there is a fluctuation in light values, it makes the doll talk. This was seriously the creepiest thing on the ship that night. Every time someone took a picture, the doll spoke. Really not okay. 

In terms of games, I (Heather) thought that maybe the girls would respond well to music. I purchased several push-button electronic music boxes and imbedded them in the tops of boxes which were wrapped like presents. Then I placed them around the pool area. My hope was that the girls would get curious and set the music boxes off.

Date: Thursday, December 8 and     December 18, 2010

Investigation times: 9pm PST - 12:00am PST and 
                                                    11:30pm PST- 4:00am PST

Number of investigators: 14 on Dec. 8  and 
                                                                      8 on Dec. 18
Personal Experiences Investigation 1

Investigation 1 yielded some different experiences than we are used to. We began in the pool. During the first part of the investigation, psychic Tuesday Miles was along for the ride, and she immediately set to work contacting deceased friend and fellow psychic Peter James who is known for his many years of work with the Queen Mary’s ghosts. The session in the pool yielded several orbs of light which traveled near her.  There were also several loud knocks that are not commonly heard in the area, the sources of which were never discovered.

The first investigation also yielded a pretty interesting PX box session in the engine room with John. Apparently, he has taken a liking to Liz, and in this instance, his personality was really shining through. Reports say that John was quite outgoing and flirtatious. Given the way he likes to pet girl’s hair (including Liz’s lovely locks) it seems he is STILL flirtatious. The most notable part of the session was when all of us noticed a very sudden drop in temperature. Liz mentioned, and we all confirmed, that it was definitely getting colder. It is common for the temperature to drop in a certain area when spirit activity is getting stronger. The theory is that the entity is drawing energy from the air around it. Liz asked John if he was making it colder. Though it took several tries before he was able to direct our attention, his command for Liz to get her “Ass...up” finally spurred the discovery of a hole in the wall through which frigid air was blasting. Brian, who was sitting near Liz at the time, noticed the hole in the wall which was located above Liz’s head. The group’s collective response of: “Ohhhhh...” brought what we can only discern as a laugh from the PX Box. “He He He.” It seems that John’s sense of humor is still in tact.

As the investigation broke down, we all gathered in the Grand Salon, located across the lobby from the first class pool. I (Heather) made a playlist specifically for the investigation filled with classic songs from the ship’s heyday to see if it would stir up any activity. Perhaps the girls would want to come and dance with us. As far as we know, the girls were not interested. However, it appears that someone else was. To see what we caught, check out our photographic evidence.

Personal Experiences Investigation 2

The extra planning and bells and whistles yielded the same results. The only activity that spurred the doll into action was created by the flashes on our cameras. And the music boxes didn’t make a sound.  While we haven’t given up on the idea of using the doll and the music boxes to provoke responses, we have taken the ideas back to the drawing board and have used this long time in between investigations to figure out ways that might make their use more effective. We promise to keep you posted should anything amazing come out of these ideas!

The girls weren’t the only ones on Santa’s list. Pressing on with our theory that William Stark and the ghost known as “Grumpy” are one in the same, and despite the fact that he is generally more naughty than nice, we brought along a miniature bottle of gin. And for John, who still seems to be working in the engine room, guest investigator Liz brought along a “spanner” known to us lay-folk as a wrench. 
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We really had expected our session in the pool to be the most dynamic part of the investigation.  Of course, you never can tell what you are going to get. The world of the paranormal can be unpredictable. However, in this instance, I blame the normal. Disruption came in the form of an incredibly obnoxious family who just wouldn’t go away.

We could hear the girls in the pool area with us. We knew they had followed us there. We had also heard them in the exhibit hall. But they, like us, were distracted. Ghostly activity is not the only activity on the ship that tends to spike around this time of year. Our poor security guard was putting out fires the entire night. While we were in the pool, he was called away to settle some disturbance up in the hotel, and while he was gone, we had a rather loud and obnoxious family hanging around the pool lobby. They were trying to sneak into the pool, all...twenty...of them. Alright. So there weren’t twenty. It was more like six or seven. But they were loud, they were drunk, and apparently, they don’t believe in putting children to bed at a decent hour. Jamie and I had to journey out to the lobby to try and get rid of them. They were contaminating any evidence we might catch. Knowing we were inside only made things worse. Instead of respecting our request that they remain silent or leave the area, they kept us busy by asking questions and begging to come in. Seriously, I am all for curiosity, but could you at least try to sound intelligent? If I knew their names, I would call them out here. I would let the world know how they love to keep their children (including a baby) up in the wee hours of the morning. And how, despite the generous gift of my patience, and my time in fielding their inane questions, they still proceeded to bang on the doors and sneak around the back (And I use the word “sneak” EXTREMELY loosely). 

Yeah. I’m bitter. They never went away. A lot of audio evidence was compromised because of them. So, thank you annoying family, for being bad parents, and obnoxious people. We here at EVP hope Santa gave you big ol’ lumps of coal in your stockings! Is that uncharitable? Does that go against the Christmas spirit? Well put me on the naughty list because I’m not taking it back!

I think the most notable personal experience for the December 18th investigation was Jamie’s. After trying to rid ourselves of the blight that was that family, we went back into the pool area. I (Heather) stayed up top. Jamie went back downstairs. It wasn’t long after she settled at the head of the pool that she saw legs, that’s right...legs. A pair of little girl legs skipped along the opposite end of the pool. I know as an investigator I am supposed to be scientific and somewhat withdrawn from the experiences of an investigation. But, dude. LEGS. Not okay. Please girls, if you are going to appear for us...could you bring your torsos and heads along too?