In August, we noticed a change on the ship. One particular casual visit yielded some unusual, and rather uncomfortable results. That day, we decided to take the Ghosts and Legends tour with one of our favorite guides. We were traveling light: a couple of audio recorders and, if I remember correctly, an EMF detector. As the tour commenced, we ran into our usual suspects: John, in the engine room, and Sarah and Jackie who apparently felt like taking the tour with us. We could hear them and caught bits of audio.

Activity took a turn as we crossed the bridge that spans the gap over the boiler room.  I stopped, feeling an unusually heavy presence. It felt territorial and angry... almost like there was a troll guarding the bridge. I know it sounds ridiculous and I had no proof or measurable activity to go along with it, so all I could do was take note and file it away for later. 

The girls stayed with us until right before we entered the First Class Pool. Again, it was just a feeling, but I do remember a specific instance when I was just about to climb a steep staircase, and I felt like there was something that ran behind me and disappeared down the hall that intersected with the stairs. I thought I had heard Jackie, but the noise was so brief, I couldn’t be sure. Once again, I paused, turned around, and watched, trying to figure out what my instincts were alerting me to. Seeing nothing, I shrugged it off and continued on to the pool.

It wasn’t long after entering the pool that we heard Jackie and Sarah screaming as if they were being attacked. Jamie, Brian, and I (Heather) stared at one-another in disbelief.  The sounds didn’t really seem to register with anyone else on the tour. I think they thought it was part of the show, or maybe they were too busy listening to our guide as she divulged specifics about the pool area. But the screams were loud, and they made us feel very protective and angry. All we could do was stand there, and yes, we were recording. Would I share something like this without taking you along for the ride?

Date: October 1-2, 2012

Investigation times: 11:30pmPST - 2:30amPST

Number of investigators: 5
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Can you hear the screaming we heard? In that last clip I isolated the scream so that it was easier to hear over the tour and the sound of the background music. To me, it sounds like Jackie or Sarah screaming: “ (Someone) won’t let me goooo!”  There is no way to describe the knots that formed in our stomaches while listening to these calls of distress  knowing we were unable to do anything to help. 

After the screaming died down, we were approached by two ladies who were on the tour with us. They saw that we were carrying a few pieces of equipment and asked if we were paranormal investigators. Before Brian could entertain them with stories about our experiences on the ship, they mentioned that the changing rooms had a very pungent and unusual smell. Jamie and I exchanged looks. It sounds crazy, but when we got together that day, I mentioned that I had been smelling a weird smell for the past few days. As it turned out, she had been too. I described it as the smell of a film lab. When we got to the changing rooms, we were surprised to find out that the smell we had been smelling for the three days prior to our visit, was permeating the changing rooms. The air was thick, and the area had a different feeling to it than we were used to. We didn’t capture any EVPs while we were in there, but I have included the audio of us discussing the stink.

At this point, I am sure you are wondering why I am telling you about all of this. It isn’t the usual protocol to include information from day-trips to the Queen Mary. But, as you will see, all of this activity ties in to the events of our night investigation.

Our objective was to use the night investigation to try and figure out what was going on in the ship. What had changed? Why had the girls been screaming? Why did the changing rooms stink? Was the smell paranormal? What entities had joined our usual suspects? What kind of bullies had entered the picture since our trip back in August? 

To put your mind at ease, let me just say that after we left the pool area, and finished our tour, the girls were back with us. I heard Sarah outside the former Third Class Nursery. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

Personal Experiences

There were a few notable personal experiences. The first one occurred on the bridge that spans the gaping space that used to be one of the boiler rooms. We were on our way from the Queen Mary Story to the First Class Pool after spending a bit of time in the engine room.  Remember, back in August I felt the presence of something territorial. I felt it again during this investigation. Jamie was ushering investigator in training, Brittany, across the bridge. The whole area made her incredibly uncomfortable, so they passed through before Brian and myself. I wasn’t even halfway across the bridge before I stopped, that same feeling I had experienced all those months ago overtaking me. As the rest of the group turned the corner, I called out for a spirit that, up until this night, I had only heard mentioned by other investigators and psychics. The things I had heard were not kind. Honestly, I don’t know what made me ask if John Henry was there. Just a feeling, I guess. But I did get a response. Check out our EVP’s to listen!

When we got to the pool, it felt different. The heaviness we felt in the changing rooms back in August now occupied the entire room. Investigator in training, Brittany, was particularly sensitive to the heaviness. She was the first to suffer the usual symptoms: dizziness, nausea, and a feeling of oppression. She felt like something was targeting her, following her around the pool. We did capture a very unsettling EVP on our upstairs camera that we believe to be related to Brittany’s claims. To listen to the EVP, go HERE. Halfway through our time in the pool, she had to leave. Our security guard took her out to get some air while we continued our investigation. 

During our set-up, I experienced an odd malfunction with one of my audio recorders. The Olympus had somehow become “locked” between the time I cleared it of files earlier that day and our investigation. I could have sworn it was fine when I packed it. But something happened that made it unable to record. I took it up to Brian who decided to camp out on the second level thinking maybe he could get it to work. After a great deal of button mashing, he gave up and set it aside on the table next to him. After Brittany left the pool, and activity started to pick up, the Olympus, still discarded on the table, started to beep. There is no explanation for the beeping, but along with the odd malfunction from the already malfunctioning piece of equipment, we captured this disembodied voice (on a different recorder).  

I never did get the Olympus working that night. The only way I could unlock it was to do so at home by hooking it up to my computer. It works fine now.

After Brittany left the pool, I headed over to the changing rooms and the weirdest thing happened. Simply put, as I approached the door, I changed my mind. But, it wasn’t a change of thought. It was like my entire body yelled ABORT! I recoiled off the entrance. I felt like something very dark was saying, “Gonna get ya.” It really felt like there was something in there that had every intention of hunting me.  Every bit of speed that went into my approach was now used for my exit as I retraced my steps back the way I came. “Jamie,” I yelled, panic in my voice. I was like a horse that refused a fence or a figure skater popping a jump. The reaction was visceral. I felt like I wanted to cry and, actually, I may have. But the tears weren’t full of emotion, nor did they come from an emotive place. It was bizarre. 

After retrieving Jamie, who I needed more for validation than for safety, I re-approached the entrance to the rooms. Again, I couldn’t go in. Jami said she felt the same thing. The heaviness that we could feel in the pool seemed concentrated in this one space. Instead of forcing it, she and I camped out just outside the door. I grew extremely dizzy. Then I became nauseous to the point where I doubled over. But I stayed there, wondering if whatever had a desire to be an ass was actually capable of attacking. Luckily for me, the entity we were dealing with chose other ways to interact. I know it sounds weird, but while we were asking questions, I heard a very small sound that caught my attention. It sounded extremely close, because it was. Somehow, the zipper on my hoodie was lifted and then fell back down. It sounds so dramatic, but if you picture it, it’s a ridiculous way to get someone’s attention if that is what it was. Here’s the audio:

Now, I know a lot of you out there are thinking: “Yeah right, Heather. Don’t you think you’re reaching a little? I mean, that could have been anything! Maybe you moved.” Feel free to think that! After all, you weren’t there. I would probably think the same thing were our situations reversed. But I didn’t jump. I didn’t even move. And the only way that noise could have been made is if someone lifted the zipper on my jacket and let it fall back against its own metal track. And activity continued from there. For the whole story, check out our audio page HERE!

Activity near the changing rooms did, eventually, ease. I moved up to the second floor,and explored the space toward the back of the pool. They have it set up like an old-fashioned office or mail room. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be. It’s for one of the tours which shall not be named because it shouldn’t exist. As I was walking toward the back, I was talking, once again, to John Henry. I suspected he was the one who was messing with us. I was getting surly, calling him out and daring him to mess with me. That’s when I walked through an overwhelming, free-floating, cloud of cigarette smoke. I couldn’t see it, but the smell was intense! After passing through it, I stopped and took a moment to process what had just happened. Was that...cigarette smoke? How? I walked back to it, passed through it again, and sure enough, it was still there; just...hanging out. As I lingered, it dissipated.

Wondering if the smoke had moved, I tried to follow it, venturing into the back hall and towards the exit. I couldn’t find it...until I walked out the door. Then I slammed into another cloud. Unfiltered cigarette smoke, the smell of which was so strong, I coughed. I actually yelled at John Henry. Told him there was no smoking on the ship. Yeah. Sometimes you say stupid things when you investigate the dead. It’s little better than talking to yourself.  Still, you have to appreciate the special brand of crazy it makes you feel.

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You can hear Jamie asking if Jackie is playing with a doll we left for her in the Turkish Baths. Towards the end of the clip, the Olympus beeps on its own just as Jackie comes in and says “Doh!”

I was the only one to hear Jackie enter the pool. Right after she did, Brian, who was stationed on level two by the Turkish Baths entry, noticed the readings on his EMF meter were spiking. At the end of the clip was a possible reason. We received this class A EVP of a male voice saying “Pat.”

It took him a moment, but he finally shared with us what was happening. As he started reading out the numbers, we captured another EVP. The voice at the end sounds female and I believe it says “yeah!”

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