I’m...umm..not sure how to approach this one, guys. I guess I will just stick with the facts and provide as many of them as possible. This photo was taken towards the end of the investigation. We had gathered in the Grand Salon which was originally first class dining. Jamie and I often wonder if Jackie and Sarah use this space to play when the pool is occupied and they don’t want to be bothered. It is a relatively quiet area located directly across from the original entrance to the First Class Pool.

K2 meters were placed in the middle of the floor. Recorders were left to run. The place was empty save for the occasional trickle of staff wandering back to the kitchens. With the permission of the group, I broke out my laptop and put on a little mood music in the hope of drawing a bit of attention from any of our ethereal friends. Benny Goodman, The Andrews Sisters, a little bit of Rosemary Clooney, the investigation broke down to the sounds of these popular artists from the ship’s heyday. Shoes were kicked off.  Laughter and dancing commenced. It was a party.

During the festivities, there was not a blip from the meters, and, with that kind of ruckus, you can forget about any decent EVPs. However, I did manage to keep clicking away with the camera. Typically when I shoot, no matter what camera I am using, I try to take at least two shots of the same area, one right after the other. They may not be the exact same shot, but I try to shoot panning in increments so that when we look at the pictures later, we have an idea of how the room was laid out in comparison to where any evidence might have been captured.

The camera I was using was the same one with which Jamie caught the “Party in the Mirror” picture, a Nikon Cool Pic.

At the time, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. But, upon reviewing the shots, Brian came across this:

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After all of the work and all of the discussion, here’s what we know: There is something there, and it looks like a man...or...most of one.

I (Heather) took the picture, and I know there was nothing visible in the frame when I took the shot. We were in the room for about an hour and a half and, in that time, a couple of ship employees wandered through. They were dressed similar to the figure in the picture , but most of them had heads. Could it have been someone from our group? Nope. Checked. And I am including a group shot from that night so you can compare for yourself. 

This is one of those instances where it almost pains me to post the evidence. Like the “Party in the Mirror” picture, the team has poured over the details, posing theories to explain it away that are even more outlandish than the figure that is staring us in the face. Our good friend Bob from Planet Paranormal is an experienced photographer. He says that he has captured images similar to this before, and that it looks like we captured someone moving through the shot. A combination of low lighting and slow exposure created the illusion. I would be inclined to agree....had there been anyone in frame when I was shooting.

As always, we leave the belief or disbelief to you. Funny thing about investigating the paranormal: The most compelling evidence can be the most repelling evidence. By that I mean, it can even cause the investigators to opt for flat out denial. This picture has left us with more questions than answers. It really has us shaking our heads.


In the foreground you can see some of our equipment hanging out, a K2 and a couple of audio recorders. What caught our attention was the oddly shaped and particularly dark shadow near the pillar.

Shortly before this shot was taken, I took another in the same area. As you can see, whatever made the shadow in the previous shot was not there a mere second before.

Upon receiving these shots from Brian, I took the shadow picture into Photoshop, and lightened it up, increasing the contrast in order to combat loss of detail due to lightening. I then sent the shots to my friend Jim who is always curious to see what we come up with so that he can explain it away. Below are the results of our efforts.

See? He’s not there!

The first one is the one I worked on. The second one is the one Jim worked on.