This investigation wasn’t like other investigations. The Queen Mary is a site we pretty much all agree is haunted.  When we investigate there, we go in quite hopeful that we will come back out with at least, some, concrete evidence. This investigation in particular created a great sense of nervous anticipation because it was the first time we we were aloud to investigate the ship outside of the regular tours. We had a three hour block of time in which to work, and one security guard to give us access to specific areas considered to be “hot -spots” of activity. We began our investigation down in the boiler room. Then we hit shaft alley, and finished our evening at the pool.

Our group was large that evening, seventeen in number, full of faces we had only become familiar with through networking on the internet, which made for an intense group dynamic.  I think, given our number, I (Heather) was hoping, at best, for personal experiences, rather than stellar evidence, as the more people you have investigating an area, the more chances there are for contaminating evidence. Our friend, Bob, from Planet Paranormal, had set up this particular investigation as more of a celebratory event than a regular investigation, in honor of the new arrangements he had just solidified with the wonderful people who run the ship.  Though he had been on board several times prior on other group investigations, this night was designed for the group of us who had been in communication with regards to making the ship more investigator friendly.

Jackie, one of the children most commonly connected with haunting the first class swimming pool, had been quite active each time Bob had visited her, and we were all hopeful that she would be her usual boisterous self. (Jackie is often heard out loud around the ship, playing or singing.) Unfortunately for us, this was not really the case, as, most of the evening was quiet. Though, at the very end of the night, a child’s playful scream was both heard by James, one of the investigators in our group, and captured on multiple recorders. It was the voice we have come to know as Jackie’s.

While this event lifted our spirits, I think many of us left the ship doubtful about what evidence analysis would reveal. Of course, every investigator knows that one can’t tell what they will find when they are combing through pictures and recordings, but, given the fact that there were so many of us, along with the fact that the ship had been so quiet, my hopes were low.

I can happily report, however, that, once again, the ship did not disappoint. Evidence review yielded quite a few interesting finds, all of which are located in this case file.  We hope you enjoy studying it as much as we did.

Date: Saturday, July 24, 2010

Investigation time: 1am PST - 4am PST

Number of investigators: 17 (Yeah. That’s a lot)
Personal Experiences

Our last stop of the night was the First Class Pool. And the only thing that occurred in the way of personal experiences, happened to Jamie. She always seems to have something happen to her here. She’s had her hair pulled in the dressing rooms, and she’s felt someone touch her shoulder or back. Whatever is there, likes to have fun with her, and this night was no different. She and I had moved away from the majority of people, and decided to settle on the darker side of the pool opposite the entrance. Jamie had brought with her a ball for Jackie, a child ghost known for haunting this area, to play with. As Jamie went to place the ball on the floor between us, bent over at the waist, I saw her suddenly lurch forward, her eyebrows dropping low over her eyes. It felt to her, and looked to me as if someone had pushed her. Whoever it was that did the pushing, did not push hard enough to send her toppling. It was just enough force to cause her to stumble. She and I exchanged glances. Her eyes narrowed. Mine widened. “Did you just get pushed,” I asked. She nodded, and then chastised whoever had done it. 

Unfortunately, the ball never moved. 

(For more on the ongoing saga of Jamie and the pushing pool ghost, check out Queen Mary Investigation #2!)
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