This marked the first EVP initiated official investigation of the Queen Mary. There was a full moon and Mercury had just entered retrograde.Though the weather had been hot that  week, the night had cooled down significantly with nothing more than the typical beach humidity in the air. Though the team was without Chris for the evening, we were accompanied by several guest investigators. Along for the ride were,Bob, Joe, Vici, and Maggie, and we were grateful for their participation.  We began the night by placing a few items in the pool area. We placed a ball on the floor up on the second level, and marked it with painter’s tape. We set a digital recorder just outside the dressing rooms  on the lower level along with some paper and a crayon with the hope that Jackie was feeling creative.  After setting everything up, we left the pool, and went down to the boiler room for some quick debunking of the “ghost graffiti” picture I took on the last investigation. Then we headed towards shaft alley for a quick EVP session.

From shaft alley, we deviated slightly from the prior investigation. Having done some research, we discovered that the area now used as the exhibit hall, once housed third class passengers and the steward’s cabins. This interested us particularly because of the first picture we caught on the ship. Beyond going back to the exact exhibit where we captured what looked like two figures in one of the mirrors, we were interested to see if perhaps this area was another hot-spot of activity. Since it was on the way, we first stopped at the Propeller Box where Jackie and Sarah are often heard playing, and then headed into the exhibit hall. Luckily, our guard was incredibly accommodating, and, given the fact that our group was not only personable, but clearly interested in the history of the ship, he let us into what was formerly the third class pool area where we were allowed to do some work. 

We finished our night back in the First Class Pool where we also began filming with the Full Spectrum Camera, and added another digital voice recorder to the one that was already running.  We concluded the investigation at 3am, at which point we left the ship, exhausted,and hungry.

Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010

Investigation time: 12am PST - 3am PST

Number of investigators: 7
Personal Experiences

We did have some personal experiences which were pretty interesting. The boiler room was quiet that night. We did not plan on staying long. Our goal was merely to re-take a
picture that was captured during the last investigation. We did explore both boiler rooms, and what has come to be known as “The Green Room” located between the two massive
boiler rooms. I think we were there for about thirty minutes before we all sort of naturally gathered just outside the tunnel into the Green Room.  Amidst chit-chat about the game-
plan, all of us heard Jackie call out to us. Though we couldn’t make out what she said, her voice was very loud. Bob tried to keep her talking, but we didn’t hear much out of her
after that. Upon reviewing the evidence, we discovered that the same voice had been captured on audio, however it didn’t sound nearly as impressive.

When we finally got back to the First Class Pool, Bob headed towards the former cloak room (the space beneath the stairs), and Brian followed. We hadn’t even finished setting up when we heard Brian say “Please tell me that was you.” Bob came right back out of the dark cubby at a quickened pace, shaking his head. They had both heard the spirit Bob has come to call “Grumpy” (specifically because he is most often heard growling at people)  growl at them. Though Brian recognized the sound he heard on our recorders, even he had to admit to being disappointed at how unimpressive the capture sounded compared to what he had heard at the time it occurred. 

Lastly, towards the very end of the night, I (Heather) slipped back into the dressing room hallway. The entire group had been drawn down to that end of the pool because we kept on hearing noises. While the others continued asking questions in the hopes that they would get answers on the voice recorders, I wanted to watch the corridor as Bob had mentioned hearing shuffling back there. The air was thick; thicker than just 45 minutes prior when I had been sitting by myself in one of the stalls doing some EVP work.  My eyes started getting funky, the darkness playing with them, so I shut them and, when they fluttered open once more, and  I took a moment to focus,  I saw a very tall shadow move out of one of the dressing rooms from right to left. disappearing briefly into the dressing room across from it. It then reappeared, blocking out the faint light at the end of the hallway once more. I probably should have gone after it, but instinct favored flight, and I hopped back out into the pool area like someone had dropped a hot coal down my pants. It must have been funny to see. I tell you, my heart was racing.
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